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Mercedes-Benz Discounts for Professional Associations

Driving a Mercedes-Benz comes with an air of success and prestige, but if you’re part of a participating professional association, it doesn’t have to include an intimidating price tag. Through many professional associations, prospective car buyers can save thousands of dollars off the price of a new Mercedes-Benz, making it more affordable than ever to drive a luxury vehicle bearing the Silver Star. With corporate specials aviailable on nearly every vehicle within the Mercedes-Benz vehicle lineup, from the abudnatly popular C-Class Sedan to the flagship S-Class Sedan, your dream Mercedes-Benz may be available for a price you never thought possible through your professional association.

Click through the professional associations listed below and find out if you qualify for Mercedes-Benz discounts through your professional association. If you qualify, you’ll receive access to a list of exclusive offers on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles from Lyle Pearson Mercedes-Benz of Boise.

Do you Qualify? Find out!


Allstate Insurance
Whether you are part of Allstate’s corporate headquarters in Northbrook IL or work for an Allstate Insurance branch around the country, you might be eligible to save thousands on a new Mercedes-Benz.

American Bar Association
Are you one of the 400,000-plus American Bar Association (ABA) members? Find out how your membership can save you thousands on a new Mercedes-Benz.

American Dental Association
American Dental Association members can use their membership to earn additional incentives on new Mercedes-Benz models. Find out if you’re eligible for the program!

American Medical Association
As a physician and member of the American Medical Association (AMA) you receive a number of professional advantages, but also great personal benefits such as exclusive Mercedes-Benz offers!

United Airlines MileagePlus
United MileagePlus Premier members are eligible for exclusive pricing and discounts on new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Find out if you qualify!

Mercedes-Benz Corporate Offers